Scholars compare notes at Chinese teaching conference

  • 时间:2010-08-25 10:14
  • 来源:环球时报英文版

    The 10th international Chinese teaching conference ended in Shenyang, Liaoning Province Friday.

    The three-day conference, under the theme “new materials and methods for Chinese teaching”, was attended by more than 400 scholars and teachers from 38 countries, who shared their experiences of teaching and learning Chinese.

    Compared with past conferences on Chinese teaching, this event placed greater emphasis on academic studies and pragmatic case studies.

    “This year, we have more comprehensive studies on language teaching, such as how to teach children Chinese in a non-Chinese environment, something that has been not fully studied in the past,” Zhao Yanfeng from Peking University, told the Global Times Friday.

    Some of those who attended the conference pointed out the challenges involved in teaching Chinese.

    “Unlike good teachers, the need for suitable teaching materials is more urgent for us,” Liu Jun, deputy president of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and also the president of the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona, told the Global Times Friday.

    “There are a variety of teaching materials on the market. However, when it comes to different countries and cultures, we’ve found it hard to get suitable textbooks.”

     Learning Chinese has become increasingly popular overseas in recent years.

    Behind the growing enthusiasm for Chinese learning, there is also an increasing desire among foreigners to learn about Chinese culture and for the type of external learning environment created by Confucius Institutes and Schools, Liu said.

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